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Astronomical mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids.

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The theory that the pyramids built in Egypt are the burial places of the pharaohs is considered untenable. It is possible that they were built by an unknown civilization. The level of development of this civilization is very high, most likely of unearthly origin.

The pyramids built in Egypt are built according to a well-thought-out scheme. All six groups of pyramids are arranged in such a way that each is viewed in a straight line in relation to the next and previous ones.

This is a kind of line of the world, built on a trajectory that runs next to the bed of the river Nile, includes twenty-two pyramids. They represent the so-called funnel of time.

Pyramid temple of the Sun

In Egypt, there is an unusual place that tourists are not allowed to visit. This is a built temple in the form of a pyramid. It is called Abu Gorab and is a temple of the sun God. Scientists assume that it was built in the two thousand four hundredth years before our era.

This temple is built on a man-made embankment near the complex of pyramids built in Abusir. Scientists were able to reproduce its design. It was surrounded by a wall made of stone measuring 100 by 75 meters.

At the base was built a cut-off pyramid, which is twenty meters high. And in the Central part of the Upper temple there was a monument, the height of which was forty meters. But now it is already destroyed.From the Foundation of this monument there are fragments made of blocks, finished with pink granite tiles.

Basalt slabs lie on the floor, and the walls are decorated with drawings that tell about the creation of the world.

Energy source of harmony

On the East side there is an open area where an alabaster altar is set. In the middle of it is a cylinder with a diameter of one hundred and seventy centimeters. Molded blocks are installed around it. Each of them is directed to one of the cardinal directions.

From the Eastern direction, nine bowls made of alabaster are laid in a row. The inner diameter of each bowl is 120 centimeters.

And all the bowls have holes, and different numbers.

Some historians have given the name "Stargate" to the Solar temple. The Egyptologist Hakim hypothesized that there is a deep shaft under the altar and a special container for water.

The altar is a pedestal on which a large crystal was placed. It together with water served as an energy source, creating a system of harmony.

The assumptions put forward by archaeologists about the existence of a whole complex of such temples in this area are unlikely to explain the incomprehensible system of resonances of harmony.

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