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Pipes in Baiyun Mountain, whose age is 30 thousand years

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The history of the emergence of pipes in Baiyun Mountain remains an unresolved problem for modern researchers of the past and present. They were first discovered in 2002 by local residents. The Chinese authorities immediately decided to send a group of experienced experts instead of the find.

Unusual place

Baiyun Mountain reaches almost 60 meters in height. It was at its foot that the first unusual discovery of unknown pipes was discovered inside the cave. Upon entering the cave, you can see that all the walls of the room are perfectly polished. The room has a width of 2 meters, a length of 6 meters and a height of 8 meters. The most amazing thing is that a pipe runs along the entire length of the cave, going from the top of the mountain and disappearing into one of the walls of the room. The diameter of the pipe is 40 centimeters.

Another pipe comes out somewhere from the bottom of the cave and goes deep into the earth. Experts assure that all the iron pipes found inside the rock were installed according to a certain scheme. Coming out of the cave, you can see a whole network of pipes that stick out of the rock, while others peep out of the ground. Surprising is the fact that, despite the long years of existence, not one of the pipes was clogged.

The last expedition was attended by divers, whose task was to explore the salt lake. Their report said that at the bottom there are also a number of similar structures. Some of them are visible on the surface of the lake, while others hid in a layer of silt.

What do pipes consist of?

They found 30% of iron oxide, as well as a large amount of oxidized calcium and silicon. These data also indicate a significant age of pipes, which is determined at 20-30 thousand years.

Where did these pipes come from?

Some experts are sure that the pipe network found in the rock is evidence of the existence of a huge pyramid (60 meters high) on the mountain, an artificial waterfall flowed down its walls, the water of which flowed to the top from a salt lake. The theory could be true, but it is known that at that time the Chinese did not yet know how to make such pipes.

The second theory speaks of an unknown and developed race that lived on Earth many years ago. It is these “people” who are credited with many different structures that do not fit into the history of mankind. It is assumed that this race was very technologically advanced, however, due to some unforeseen events, these "ancient people" were forced to leave the planet, leaving behind a number of unknown structures.

Massive pipes in Baiyun Mountain is another mystery that may be possible to solve in the future.

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